Jessie van Vreden
23 Min

Every day life in Amsterdam, four friends run over city walls, jump onto balconies and turn their urban landscape into a huge concrete playground. Aged 24, the witty Joost enjoys the physical training, persistence and risks involved in this street sport called Le Parkour. Finding a place in modern day society, however, is a completely different story.

Meanwhile in the Country

Wouter Klein Velderman
3 Min

Nature around us is constantly transforming. Sometimes subtle and hard to perceive. Sometimes passionate, but still hard to perceive.


Constant Dullaert
1 Min

Garbage men accept their poetic fate when dealing with the trash from my birthday party.

House [the village & the victims]

Floor Meijers
9 Min

The village and the victims are part of the mimesis of a war situation. “House” mainly focuses on the visual qualities of the set and the actors.

Sampled Dreams

Roiy Nitzan
17 Min

Seven films of seven dreams.

Come into my World

Sebastian Christoffel
7 Min

“Come into my world: where sculpture meets dance.” S.C.

Herman Verhagen, Kurator

Herman Verhagen, film maker. Lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.