Pelayo 36

Facundo Beraudi
21 Min

Using images shot over the course of a year from the second floor of a central street in Barcelona, the film observes daily life in a big city in search of the answer to the question ‘Why do people do what they do?’


Aleix Abellanet
6 Min

An expression of the need to change our surroundings when a sensation of claustrophobia overcomes us.

Con diva

Sebastian Mantilla
7 Min

A man reaches the Spanish coast by patera. His life alternates between the poetry of the night and the reality of the cold light of day.

Dramatis Personae

Pere Ginard, Laura Ginès
10 Min

A series of microfilms representing seven of history’s most significant Christian martyrs. Made from an exhaustive manipulation of anonymous super8 film, Dramatis Personae makes us reflect on the recycling of images and notions of authorship, and also offers a rereading of Catholic iconography.

Politicas de la repetición

Guillermo Beluzo
10 Min

Excesses of the society we live in. The overabundance of ‘information’, the overlapping and accumulation of messages which fail to communicate. The film observes how the ‘occupation’ of public space in the streets of Barcelona has reached a point of absurdity.

Cada día paso por aquí

Raúl Arroyo
9 Min

A film about the rhythm of things. Our own internal rhythm; our collective rhythm; the intrinsic rhythm of the spaces we live in. A vision of how we perceive time as we walk around surrounded by concrete.

Tess Renaudo, curator

Born in London, UK, since 1996 she has lived and worked in Barcelona, Spain. Board director and programmer for L’Alternativa, Independent Film Festival of Barcelona. In between, she worked as a researcher and co-ordinator of film, video and new-media theme exhibitions.