Angkasawan Negara (Saiful Razman & Rahmat Haron)
7 Min

A spiritual journey of a lost soul.

Love for Dogs

Woo Ming Jin
23 Min

Two stories about human „paralysis“: the first follows Ah Kau, a construction worker who abandons his family and returns to his hometown many years later. The second story is about Lili, a girl trying to reconcile her mundane and unfulfilled life.

Grey Avenue

Eugene Foo
5 Min

A visual feast of a surreal world, brought into existence & sustained by an inspiring musical piece.


Danny Lim
18 Min

The mysterious number 18 is one of many idiosyncratic tableaux of graffiti art that have cropped up around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, taking the shape of underground agitprop, vying for space and contesting the advertising billboards that generally exist in the city.

It’s OK What’s Happening Right Now

Nazim Esa
5 Min

Sitting in a darkened room watching a viewfinder looking at fragments of a conversation you forgot you had with your eyes yesterday/last night.

Nani Kahar, curator

Nani Kahar, architect, works with fine art, popular culture and communication technology. Media projects produced include urban art events, installations and videos. Currently based in Malaysia and the USA.