Gift For a Girl

2003 5 Min. Captain Confusion

This is the first film by Captain Confusion. The film team did no pre- planning, they just got together on a Saturday morning and went to work making this film. They had no budget at all and very limited software, but they pulled it off. After the making of the film one of the cast members was killed in a car accident. The film is dedicated to him.

Thanks David

2003 5’ Space Monkeys

An animation toy croc lands on earth to find that all of his friends have been killed.

Up all Night

2003 5’ Northern Monkeys

The story of a security guard who thinks he is seeing things. But things turn out well for him in the end.

Poison Pen

2003 5’ Running Reel

The story of a blind date with a very attractive womanturns into a nightmare.


Redeeming Features

2003 5’ The Modernista Team

No script, no words - just music and wonderful scenes.

The Clouds

2003 5’ Halflife Films

Set in a mental hospital, The Clouds looks at an actor trying to live like an inmate who becomes an inmate.

To Be On The Meal

2003 5’ Take It out

Sit down and watch this film again and again to get the script. It is funnier the second time around when you notice things you missed the first time.

Anything can be stolen

2003 5’ Oriental Dragons

A dark horror film.

Prototype Orgy

2003 5’ Fierce Productions

The story of a stalker who films and views a girl 24hrs a day and takes her picture over and over again. At the end, the obsessive man comes unstuck.

Burn it up

2003 5’ Video Gold

Gun fights and strange chases. Action!

Johnnie Oddball
Director, producer and event creator

“I began by starting out at the very bottom cleaning dishes in a catering van on film sets . Then I found contacts on set to run film festivals. I started with the Notting Hill Film Festival, now the Portobello Film Festival. We had no funding, no sponsors. I started a network: Digital Guerrilla Film Makers – film makers in a film club. I got the idea from the film Fight Club. We now have over 5,000 members from all over the world. In 2003, I started an event for film makers in London called the 48hr Film Challenge: to shoot and edit a short film within 48hrs on a weekend – an idea I came up with while sitting at my computer one day when I was reading film maker’s cries for funding and something to do with all of their talent." J.O.